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Daisy Dixon | Drone II (2013)

Daisy Dixon Drone

Daisy Dixon’s performances and sound installations are hymns, rituals and revealings of “The Drone”, an audible manifestation of the basis of being and existence, as well as the ultimate reduction of the existences and meanings that sound, noise and music have possessed throughout history. The work forms a response to society’s rampant ocularcentrism.

Dixon will perform Drone II (2013) at Squirmish at the Oasis on Friday 27th September. This piece draws connections between sounds that we hear every day, as well as hinting and referring to noise-phenomena and their meanings.

Daisy Dixon recently graduated from the University of Reading with a BA in Art & Philosophy. In October she will start a Masters programme in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge.

Follow Daisy @resonanceDDixon
and on her blog:

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