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Hummingbirds and Hamburgers | Bonotto

Agency of Noise in residency at Bassano Del Grappa, Veneto, Italy. Hosted by Fondazione Bonotto and OperaEstate Festival. Collaboration with Gnous Collective (GR), Lost Movement Collective (NL) and Nicholas Ward from DMARC (IRE). November 2022.

This work, directed by Christine Ellison, in collaboration with Erato Tzavara, engages dancers, choreographers, musicians and different communities of performers in conversations an improvisations that respond to ideas about (digital) interaction. Participants are invited to embody the actions embedded in screen-based interfaces and to think about how the symbols and signs of our devices can inform how we move through space and time: the user interface is re-imagined as a score that instructs and records action.

The project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and has been further supported by the University of Reading, University of Limerick, University of the Arts, Zurich, Onassis Stegi (Athens) and The Elephant Trust (UK).

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  1. looks great Chris! Hope yu’re having a blast out there. I got my funding too! Not quite having a blast – feels a bit like I’m moving through sludge in trying to get the work done as my progress is slow, and once again I seem to have designed a project for myself where I’m starting from scratch and trying to learn a whole new way of working… anyhow… I am enjoying it, just frustrated at the slow progress, and my seeming inability to work with/build upon what I already know how to do! It’s a very fine line between safe zone and comfort zone! Catch up for a natter soon? xx Laura Hyland

    086 6634735

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