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Scroll | animation

When I first started thinking about the concept of ‘scroll’ I was thinking about the difference between how a digital scroll and a parchment scroll perform. I thought of the former as a flat 2-dimensional ‘crab-walk’ from side to side or top to bottom, and the latter as a rolling motion that starts as an object with bulk and gradually flattens out to reveal information -the former as a jerky, stop and start motion, and the latter as a smooth rolling gesture. But in working with stop motion and material scrolls, the rolling of scrolling becomes stilted, broken into micro movements that stop and start and have to be restaged if the fabric falls or builds up too much momentum too quickly. To create a smooth outcome, the set up is jerky, and very much ‘stop and start’ and ‘back and forth’ until the necessary images have been captured to create a fluid illusion. And there is something in this translation here of one form through another that makes me appreciate how sophisticated the interplay is between both. The architecture of our user interfaces can seem so distilled and utilitarian, but what if we were to think of our scroll bars as objects with bulk -baggage? history? politics? -that hide or disclose information as they move?

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