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Marnie Watts

Marnie Watts-1

To anyone. (sound of a train going past) (a distant radio) ( vroom of an engine). Holy dynamite for half an hour.  Smashing the computer against the wall, and I bet you can hear it smashing. My fucking car alarm just went off.  Bloody thieving drug addict bastards, I am a victim of crime, but my car alarm annoys the neighbours, now I am a nuisance, turn that fucking thing off. Do you get the picture? …Sorry you just sounded like my ex for a minute.

Marnie Watt’s work is a way of intervening with what’s around her. Whether in a gallery or on a building site she uses her environment to test how sound can be used as a tool of conditioning. Through her sonic interventions she provokes new agency with what may otherwise be a banal or somewhat ordinary occurrence. Influenced by horror movie sound tracks from the 1970’s and 80’s, Watt’s work attempts to free sound and language from imposed expectations and rhythms and to create new autonomous noisescapes from the obsolete.

Watts will draw on the gallery environment during her live transmissions this Friday 27 September during the Squirmish at the Oasis at Kingsgate Workshops Trust.

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