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In the midst of this tentacular novum of brandscapes, baroque managerialism, and the moribund political economy of peer production, curatorial protocol has emerged as a contemporary technology of speculative foreclosure and affective management. This technology must be hacked. Invoke the venom of things, the negative potential of our tools in a black bloc poetics of noise. If a curator can be a cunning virus machine, a skeuomorphic malware interface, a fiction, a parasite, then it can invoke noise as a cargo culture affectile.

Come and hear Dane Sutherland’s volatile rant on Friday 27th September at SQUIRMISH AT THE OASIS

Sutherland is a curator, writer, researcher and pessimist from Scotland, mobilising the post-curatorial horror and political virulence of noise. He is currently a co-director of Embassy gallery in Edinburgh, and has been selected for the Collective Gallery’s 2014 Satellites Programme (formerly New Work Scotland Programme).

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