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Sonic Speculations | Art Lacuna

Sonic Speculations for A Convivial Discussion: Up the Junction brings together Christine Ellison (POLLYFIBRE), Steve Klee and Maggie Roberts (Orphan Drift).
Thursday 28 July 6.30 – 9pm


Sonic Speculations is a research event in which Sinead Bligh’s exhibition Up the Junction acts as a platform to discuss the relationships between spectators, sound and material reality. A range of presentations and screenings will culminate in discussion. Steve Klee’s questions of human agency with, or against, material conditions permeate the event, which Christine Ellison cuts through with sonic objects, as Orphan Drift’s sci-fi landscapes of our current and future material realities propagate and spread virally across the space.

The event has been co-ordinated by Kirsten Cooke with Sinéad Bligh and is programmed in conjunction with Bligh’s current exhibition Up the Junction at ArtLacuna, nr Clapham Junction station. 



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