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noisiV | Moribundus Lumen Solis


noisiV  is  pleased  to  announce  the online release of their latest sonic
endeavours  –  Moribundus  Lumen  Solis  (wish  you  were  here).

A  first  collaboration  between  noisiV  and  IP.  Combining  digital  and
analogue,  noise  and melody, even the tense and the soothing. These tracks
are  taken from the recordings of 5 days of sessions at an altitude of 800M
in a remote house with good people and beautiful surroundings. Presented to
you in chronological order.

Made possible by the residency project, Animal/homme Acte 2, Vassivière, France, organised by Maria Mouriès E. of APU2M. September 2014.

have  a  listen.  download  it.  and -if you can -pay a
little  bit.  paypal  is possible, but so too is a simple bank transfer or
visa transaction. name your price.

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