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DANE SUTHERLAND | Apocrypha Curata

Dane Sutherland

AT THE PROPHETIC SOUND Dane Sutherland will present an expanded and developed iteration of an article that was published in the January 2013 edition of Scottish quarterly, The Drouth. ‘The noises within echo from a gimcrack, remote and ideologically hollow chamber: a project status report on the middle line sensorium and contemporary practices in the maintenance of productive tensions in the workplace’ takes a critical stance on curatorial practices as a tool for harnessing ‘noise’ for the production of surplus value. The aim of the project to which this article and presentation is attached is to confront the managerial, and more recently, the neoliberal function of the curatorial paradigm as an act of noise-reduction, and orchestration. By re-considering the mechanisms of curating and anti-curating, Sutherland aims to salvage and mobilize what could be considered as the noise that is native to this discipline, rather than transferring the already-recognisable instances of noise in recent music/noise-music.

Dane Sutherland is a curator, writer, researcher and pessimist from Scotland. His work is part of a critical practice that aims to constitute a diverse body of work including exhibitions, reading groups and other speculative heresies. Mobilizing the post-curatorial horror and political virulence of noise, Dane aims to situate and explore the contemporary legacies/corpses of radical practices in their current social and material context.

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