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Seeking to counter the limits of individual and collective knowledge, Steven Dickie addresses the many modes through which we understand. Positioned centrally within his creative process is an interest in the act of accumulation of knowledge. His work explores a means to broaden the scope and increase the volume of information consumed. His practice spans sculpture, audio, drawing and performance and through it he considers humanities’ desire to satisfy its innate curiosity. This pursuit of knowledge is directed toward the processes by which understanding can be distilled, whether from empirical data, through tacit learning or other means.

By appropriating the structures and systems built to foster and preserve our collective knowledge, the work embodies some of the mechanics of our twenty first century society. The adaption of everyday equipment and media however, points toward a hypothetical counter world where the drive for knowledge is paramount.

Follow the work of Steven Dickie and see him live at THE PROPHETIC SOUND.

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