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At THE PROPHETIC SOUND Ewa Justka will perform The Ultimate Sonic Fla(e)sh  a live act that creates a direct link between audience and performer through synchronization of flashing, radiant lights and raw, industrial sound. In this audiovisual experience the listener is surrounded by shifting lights creating harsh, disorganized sound.

Ewa uses electrical network: hardware, electronic circuits: DIY photoresistor-gated oscillators and solar panel (the loudness of noise depends largely on the specific photoresistor and capacitor; when the flashlight hits the photoresistor – the sound is triggered), and an electromagnetic pick-up;  pulsing, desynchronized lights, lasers, fire – everything which is a source of glare and builds cacophonic, bizarre rhythms, ear-splitting volume, a broad spectrum of peculiar timbres and a structure that builds intensity through sheer repetition.  The multisensory experience aims the listener to enter the presence, it is a different kind of meditation: through awaking of senses.

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