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Soldier’s songs, Incantations and Testimonials of Tortured Witches…..


Tonight at Modern Art Oxford…. Serena Korda’s Ceramic Jugs are brought to life!

The Jug Choir, led by Korda, will use her “Witches Bottles” in a performance that fuses together soldier’s songs, incantations and the testimonial of Isobel Gowdie, the most detailed and well documented confession of the witch hunts in Scotland. Isobel was brutally tortured as all suspected witches were but what is exceptional about her confession is that she was so articulate and there is hypothesis that she was a performer or storyteller. Under duress she appears to perform her interrogators desired treatise with moments of what appear to be pure improvisation, a pertinent starting point for Korda’s sound experiment.

Modern Art Oxford | 09/07/15

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