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SCREAMSCAPE | International Institute for Scream Studies

Screamscape fribourg

30 May – 6 June 2015


There is no right or wrong way to scream. A scream is a fluid unit of measurement. This unit of measurement calculates the pressure exerted on a given nervous system. On a collective nervous system: a body and its vital organs, a local arts scene, an institution, a network of scientists, a town, a landscape, or even an entire world. How high is their endurance threshold? What kind of magma provides a buttress for their stability? What defines their status?

For one week only, Fri Art will become an institute for scream studies. In the interests of research objectivity, the experiments that will take place here will be conducted by artists-turned-scientists and scientists-turned-artists.

Seven days devoted to scream research, with all events open to the public. Installations, lectures, performances, workshops, radio broadcasts and the Swiss Scream Bank’s “ATM”. Throughout Scream Week visitors will be able to watch and listen to the works being created and the analyses being carried out, all in situ.

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